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Operational Principles
Electroless Nickel
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Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc. offers electroplating and metal finishing services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Military communities.

Process Capabilities include anodizing, brush plating, cadmium plating, chromate conversion coatings, gold plating, electroless nickel, black, bright and sulfamate nickels, phosphate coatings, tin plating, zinc plating, and dry film lubricants.

Servicing industry since 1985 assures that your most critical parts will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the specifications and delivered in a timely manner.

Quality assurance is initiated during your first conversation regarding your plating requirement and continues through final inspection and delivery.

Each and every member of Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc. is responsible for insuring your parts are processed in accordance with your purchase order, print, and applicable plating specifications.

The ability to process one piece to thousands of pieces with single or multiple finishes with the same degree of consistency and repeatability of thickness, color and quality will insure you will receive comparable parts from one lot to the next.

This consistency of quality is a product of steadfast dedication to process control with plating chemistry and production processing.

Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc. is ROHS compliant. The ROHS directive stands for the Restriction of the use Of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Environmental Statement
The company philosophy on our letterhead is your assurance that Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc., will continue to be a good steward of the environment, as we have been since 1985. This commitment is the foundation of our operational philosophy and is reflected in our strategies for success.

Industrial Award
Industrial Award

Customer Service & Technical Assistance
You can rely on Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc. to earn your trust and confidence by fully supporting your operations and plating requirements, as well as providing knowledgeable and friendly metal finishing technical assistance.

Beacon Award
Beacon Diversity Award

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