Six Mistakes People Make When Filing a Claim
CAPIA CertifiedBusiness Consumer Alliance


A lot of us believe that when we have damage to our home or business, our insurance company will take care of it. Once you get into the claim process you will find that this is not true. It is “an over promise and under deliver” tactic. Insurance companies, like any other business, are out to make money. The way that they make their money is to take your monthly premium and in the case of your loss, try to deny or reduce your claim. It’s not fair but it’s legal.

Insurance companies look for any aspect or detail of your loss that doesn’t qualify for coverage. They will take advantage of every limitation, exclusion or depreciation clause. They do this best by assigning their own adjuster to your claim.

Insurance fraud has been on the rise for a while now and many federal and state laws make it easier for insurance companies to deny your claim. You would be surprised to find that legitimate claims are denied or randomly reduced by your insurance company on a regular basis.

Before this article dissolves into simply making you paranoid or angry, there is one important thing you can do. Hire your own public insurance adjuster. A public insurance adjuster combs through your insurance policy, reviews your claims and fights for every penny and benefit of your loss claim. Hiring a public insurance adjuster will more than pay for itself when you see the results. A good public insurance adjuster has the experience to know the curve balls your insurance company’s adjuster is going to throw at your claim.

Property Claim Specialist or PCS of California [] public insurance adjusters have operated as a business for over seven years but its officers have over 35 years of combined insurance claim practice experience. They have handled wind, fire, water and earthquake claims for both residential and business policies and gotten results for their clients 98% of the time.

The Officers of PCS, Minerva and Chris Covert, saw a huge need and filled it when they established PCS and became public insurance adjusters for the people of California. “People work too hard and invest too much in their property for an insurance company to simply dismiss a claim out of hand. We consider our work as giving back to our community when we can get our client’s disrupted home or business back to normal,” Chris says.

Having a loss is stressful for you and your family. It can cost you further if your business is affected. Wind, fire or water damage even in the smallest amounts can bring your life or business to a halt. A public insurance adjuster has your best interests at heart and stays with the long and complicated process of your claim

Your policy requires that you submit your claim in writing. PCS’ public insurance adjuster thoroughly reviews your policy, researches your loss claim and presents the material in the exact manner that will get your claim paid. As highly efficient public insurance adjusters, PCS knows the exact details and insurance verbiage that will get your claim paid and your whole property restored.

Call or email PCS and ask all of the hard questions about your loss claim. You’ll find that Chris and Minerva are here to get you through the process efficiently and thoroughly.